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Common Core State Standards

Schools across the country are preparing to adopt the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and other standards for college and career readiness, and school leaders will play an essential role in this effort. NASSP has compiled a number of resources to help school leaders as they work to meet the challenge of implementing these new standards.

Read a recent statement from NASSP and other educational organizations, School Leadership Groups Urge "Adequate Time" to Implement Common Core Standards.

What are the standards in your state? Find the answer here.

Common Core Action Briefs
NASSP has joined with Achieve, College Summit, and the National Association of Elementary School Principals, to provide action briefs outlining the role of secondary school leaders, elementary school leaders, and school counselors in the implementation of the CCSS, with support from MetLife Foundation.

Implementing the Common Core State Standards: The Role of the Secondary School Leader Action Brief

Implementing the Common Core State Standards: The Role of the Elementary School Leader Action Brief

Implementing the Common Core State Standards: The Role of the School Counselor Action Brief

Common Core Webinars and Videos

The Principal’s Role in Implementing Common Core State Standards at the Secondary School Level – via The Alliance for Excellent Education
April 12, 2012

Tracey Lamb, Principal
Fulton County High School (Hickman, KY)

Mel Riddile, Associate Director for High School Services

Bob Wise, President
Alliance for Excellent Education

The Common Core State Standards—Not So Common - Nov. 10, 2011

Presenter: Mel Riddile, NASSP Associate Director for High School Services
Common Core Powerpoint

Schools are struggling to meet the challenge of state assessments-helping every student reach "proficient." In the not-too-distant future, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) will significantly increase the rigor of current assessments, assess students in a skill that is rarely practiced, and force schoolwide changes in classroom instruction. This webinar will discuss why schools must begin preparations now, as well as what schools must do to meet the CCSS challenge.

View webinar

Common Core Webinar Series (NASSP and The College Board)

The "School Leadership for Common Core Standards and College and Career Readiness" webinar series features six bi-weekly webinars, beginning January 2011, examining the important role principals and school leaders will play as the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are implemented.

The webinar recordings linked below can be viewed on desktop and laptop computers with Mac and Windows operating systems.

1. School Leadership for Common Core Standards: An Overview - January 18, 2012
2. School Leadership for Common Core Standards: English Language Arts Standards - February 1, 2012
3. School Leadership for Common Core Standards: Mathematics - February 15, 2012
4. School Leadership for Common Core Standards: School Wide Instructional Practices - February 29, 2012
5. School Leadership for Common Core Standards: School Leadership Role - March 14, 2012
6. School Leadership for Common Core Standards: Changing School Culture and Climate - March 28, 2012

Hunt Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy

The Hunt Institute offers a series of videos intended to serve as an introduction to the CCSS and offer guidance in implementing the standards. In addition, the Hunt Institute website provides a number of additional resources regarding CCSS.

Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)

CCSSO provides a number of valuable Common Core resources, including "Common Core State Standards: Implementation Tools and Resources," a detailed 30-page guide offering free tools and resources to support educators during the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

Council of Great City Schools

The Council of Great City Schools's Common Core Works page provides information explaining the Common Core State Standards, roadmaps for parents, and stories of successful Common Core implementations.

IDEA Partnership

The IDEA Partnership offers tools, videos, and webinars to assess educators' knowledge and understanding of the CCSS. The tools provided are designed to assist key stake holders in taking valuable applications and making them practical in the field. Visit IDEA Partnership's website for these resources and more.  

Common Core Online Community

Online Community at edWeb.net (1,800 members)
School leaders have a unique and essential role in the successful implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) -- a role that goes beyond the knowledge of the standards and the kind of instruction required to meet them.

Common Core Digital Publications and Newsletters
Common Core State Standards for School Leaders
NASSP Associate Director Mel Riddile curates a daily e-newsletter for school leaders on developments related to the Common Core State Standards. This is the go-to newsletter for school leaders who want to keep up to date on the latest Common Core developments.
CCSS: Resources for School Leaders
Mel Riddile also publishes an up-to-date newsletter containing resources to assist school leaders in implementing the Common Core State Standards in their schools.

Principal Difference bannerThe Principal Difference Blog

Teacher leader Stuart Singer and NASSP's Mel Riddile co-author this detailed blog for school leaders. With more than 400 posts, Singer and Riddile write weekly on common core topics relevant to school leaders and teacher leaders. Visit www.PrincipalDifference.org to view numerous entries focused specifically on CCSS implementation.


The Principal's Role in Implementing the CCSS
A blog series by Mel Riddile
National High School Center at the American Institute of Research

Part 1: School Leaders: The Key to Successful Implementation 

Part 2: New Ways of Thinking About Teaching the Math and English Language Arts Standards

Part 3: Instructional and Cultural Changes

Part 4: Ten Keys to Success

Principals Leading the Way
Principal Leadership, December 2012
Over the next two years, principals will play an important role in preparing their schools for the transition to next-generation assessments—and preparation should start now.
By Joe Willhoft

Moving to Standards-Based Grading: Lessons From Omaha
Principal Leadership, December 2012
Learn how a large school system implemented standards-based grading and the challenges they faced along the way.
By Chris Proulx, Karen Spencer-May, and Tim Westerberg

Time to Focus
Principal Leadership, November 2012
Stay focused on curriculum, reading and writing, and soundly structured lessons to improve student learning.
By Mike Schmoker

What’s New About the Common Core State Standards
By Mel Riddile
Principal Leadership, March 2012
Sue Gendron shares her thoughts on how much instruction, teaching, and assessment must change to align with the new standards.

Math Instruction, Teacher Preparation, and the Common Core State Standards
By Mel Riddile
The Principal Difference Blog

"If the Common Core Standards are fully implemented, it will fundamentally change the way math is taught,"
By Stuart Singer
The Principal Difference Blog

A Very Special (Math) Challenge for the Common Core
By Stuart Singer
The Principal Difference Blog

For CCSS Math Education Some Problems are Elementary
By Stuart Singer
The Principal Difference Blog

The Common Core Challenge for ELLs
By Rhoda Coleman and Claude Goldenberg
Principal Leadership, February 2012
The new CCSS currently being rolled out in 46 states give little specific acknowledgement of the challenges for English language learners (ELLs). The introduction to the CCSS states that identifying the supports needed to help ELLs (or any other population of students) is “beyond the scope of the Standards” (Common Core State Standards Initiative, 2010b, p. 6).

The Principal as Curriculum Leader
By Judy Jenkins and R. Scott Pfeifer
Principal Leadership, January 2012
Principals have an integral role in leading the transition to the Common Core State Standards in their schools.

Text Complexity
By Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey
Principal Leadership, January 2012
The Common Core State Standards require that students read “hard texts.” What are the responsibilities of school leaders in leading this effort?

Start Your Online Testing Engines
By Geoffrey Fletcher
Principal Leadership, September 2011
Educators in most states will soon be asked to implement online testing to meet No Child Left Behind or CCSS requirements, or simply to make better use of student data and ensure that it is used to improve learning. All but five states have joined two consortia that will share $350 million in Race to the Top funds to develop online assessments.

The Word of the Day at This School Is 'Literacy'
Edutopia Magazine
The focus on literacy, which permeates almost every corner of the building, from the biology lab to math classes to the chorus room, has helped transform this school.

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