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Breaking Ranks  CASE Survey

Breaking Ranks  CASE Survey

Are you looking for a meaningful way to bring your staff, students, and parents into a collaborative school improvement process?

The Breaking Ranks® Comprehensive Assessment of School Environment™ (CASE) survey gives your stakeholders a valuable voice in school improvement conversations by providing data on:

  • Stakeholder satisfaction with the status quo
  • Perceived strengths and weaknesses of the school
  • Areas for future improvement

  Use the Breaking Ranks CASE survey to:

  • Collect data about student, teacher, and parent satisfaction with a school’s environment and culture
  • Identify school strengths and areas for improvement
  • Assist in designing a school improvement plan using the Breaking Ranks® process circle, and to support planning including budget decisions

All survey items are focused around the three core areas of Breaking Ranks®: Collaborative Leadership; Personalization; and Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.

Costs* for CASE Survey and Services

Member (school whose principal is an NASSP member) $850
Non-Member (school whose principal is not an NASSP member)

*Costs include:

    1. Student survey
    2. Parent survey
    3. Instructional staff survey
    4. Access to online survey items and data generated by responses from your school community

Additional Options

  • A written analysis of the data: $1,000
  • Consultation (by NASSP staff) to examine survey results and relate to school improvement efforts: Call for pricing
  • Multiple schools/multiple years discounts available: Call for pricing

For survey-related questions or to order, contact us at 703-860-7263 or professionaldevelopment@nassp.org.

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