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Building Leadership Capacity

Building Leadership Capacity

To more effectively meet the professional development needs of assistant principals and create a corps of highly qualified candidates for principal vacancies, the NASSP National Assistant Principal Leadership Center will provide a series of classroom and field experiences through which assistant principals may enhance their readiness to serve as school principals.

The following topics are currently on the agenda for development and delivery.

Ignite conference programming that relates directly to the needs/interests of assistant principals

• Increased networking opportunities and professional development support for assistant principals using a variety of communication and technology media.

• Advocacy efforts to support the role of the assistant principal as a key player in school effectiveness and student achievement. Become more involved in the advocacy effort now.

• Programs and resources to aid assistant principals in developing capacity to serve effectively as instructional leaders in their current positions or in the principalship.

• Strategies for principals to use as they structure assistant principals’ assignments with a focus on developing capacity as well rounded instructional leaders and school managers.

• Strategies to shift the focus of typically assigned assistant principal tasks to instruction

• Opportunities for exploration and capacity building in the use of technology to meet students’ learning needs; manage and deliver instruction; foster invention and creativity; and enhance collaboration and communication within the school community

• Web-based assistant principal learning community to provide opportunities for AP members to post comments and questions; find tips, tools, and work examples; and discover promising practices and case studies

Web-based job center: Expanded job center for assistant principals to offer information on career specific topics such as resume building, interviewing, and transition to the principalship


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