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Diversity and Social Equity

Diversity and Social Equity

The items below are the most popular NASSP resources on diversity and social equity. Some of the articles below require NASSP member login information. (Not a member? Join now.)

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    • Cases in Point
      Can Schools Legally Promote "Diversity"?
      by Kelley R. Taylor, Esq.
    • Diversity Drives the Enrollment Boom - September 2005
      Our schools are more diverse than at any other time in the nation's history. As the population increases and continues to grow more heterogeneous, schools must be equipped to prepare our children for this exciting new landscape.
    • Set Sail for Excellence- January 2006
      Outstanding principals have left the safe harbors of the status quo and have charted a course—and stayed that course—to promote equity and excellence for all students in their schools. Secondary school principals who make a difference exemplify the words sung by Garth Brooks: “So just don’t sit upon the shore and say you’re satisfied. Choose to challenge the rapids and dare to dance the tides.”
    • Equity in the Classroom
      Heterogeneous grouping of students promotes equity and achievement.
      By Joseph DiMartino and Sherri Miles
    • Educating Students Who Live in Poverty
      A discussion with Ray Landers, principal at Boaz Middle School in Boaz, AL, and the 2009 MetLife/NASSP National Middle Level Principal of the Year, about the reform efforts he has implemented at his school to reach students from low socio-economic backgrounds. 9:52.
    • Reasons for Hope: You Can Challenge Educational Inequities
      Inequity in education has many causes and correlates, but one important element is often left out. Racism is hard to discuss and its devastating effects hard to understand, but there are ways to begin the conversation and start the healing.
      By Julian Weissglass
    • Technology and Equity
      If school leaders assess issues of equity and technology in their schools now, they can set policies and practices that ensure future success for all students.
      By Ray Yau
    • Equity: Philosophy, Practice, and Policy
      Schools must create student-centered programs in which each student receives what he or she requires to access school resources and meet challenging academic standards.
      By Joyce Braden Harris
    • Multicultural Education: An Integrated Schoolwide Approach
      One Pennsylvania middle school weaves diversity throughout the curriculum and throughout the year and celebrates its success with a capstone event. (ML edition)
      By Michael W. LaPorta and George P. White
    • Meeting the Challenges of Cultural Diversity
      A multifaceted response to the needs of Hispanic students and parents in one middle level community is the key to its success.
      By Eugene Garcia


    • Diversity and Equity in Today's Schools
      Judith Richardson, NASSP director of diversity, equity, and urban initiatives, discusses what diversity and equity mean in today's schools and the kinds of tools principals need in schools that are increasingly diverse. 4/1/09, 7:39
    Holiday Special