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Contact Us

Mailing Address
1904 Association Drive
Reston, VA 20191-1537

If correspondence includes a check
P.O. Box 417939
Boston, MA 02241-7939
Phone Numbers
703-860-0200 Front Desk
800-253-7746 Membership
866-647-7253 Sales

703-860-7201 Travel
800-974-9393 Travel

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Executive Director

JoAnn Bartoletti

Executive Director

Patty Kreutz

Executive Assistant

Joan Masterson

Executive Assistant

Deputy Executive Director

Dennis Sadler

Deputy Executive Director, Operations

Beverly Hutton

Deputy Executive Director, Programs/Services

Cyndi Kelley

Program Assistant II


Amanda Karhuse

Director, Advocacy

David Chodak

Associate Director, Advocacy

Sophia Papavizas

Advocacy Coordinator

Events and Travel Management

Nancy Riviere

Director, Events and Travel Management

Vicki Fernandez

Travel Coordinator

Katharine Gausmann

Program Manager, NASSP Principal Events

Karol Harris

Associate Director, Travel

Ginny Hodson

Program Assistant II, Events

Susie Mason

Administrative Assistant II

Tammy Wightman

Associate Director, Student Conferences


Michael Shifflett

Chief Financial Officer

Cynthia Bradford-Scott

Assistant Controller

Barbara Butler

Accounts Payable Representative

Kathy Jones

Program Assistant II, Accounts Receivable

Tania Nunez

Accounts Payable Representative

Lisa Sherrill

Program Assistant II, Accounts Receivable

Julie Sweeney


Information Services

Meta Tshilombo

Director, Information Services

Hari Pal Singh

Associate Director, Information Services

Rich Peregrino

Senior Program Analyst

Katy Bretschneider

Help Desk Specialist


Kathy Greenaway

Director, Membership

Connie Corr

Coordinator, Membership Communications

Mohammad Iqab

Membership Representative

Kulwant Kaur

Membership Representative

Sherrie Kohler

Specialist, Membership

Meg Mansfield

Membership Representative

Susie Pooley

Membership Representative

Joann Racey

Program Assistant II, Membership

Garrett Sheehan

Membership Representative


Barbara Beasley

Director, Personnel

David Sheaffer

Building Administrator

Professional Development 

Josephine Franklin

Associate Director, Research and Information Services

Carolyn Glascock

Manager, Program Development

Alexa Magda

Manager, Conferences and Speakers

Sales Department

Mark Lamont

Director, Sales

Wendy Crane

Manager, Sales

Fatima Hawkins

Sales Representative

Brad Love

Sales Representative

Krys Pacula

Program Assistant II

Sheri Wymard

Sales Representative

Student Programs

Jonathan Mathis

Director, Honor Societies

Ann Postlewaite

Director, Student Programs

David Cordts

Associate Director, Honor Societies

Elancia Felder

Manager, Honor Societies

Anne Knudsen

Manager, Student Programs and Honor Societies

Jeff Sherrill

Associate Director, National Association of Student Councils