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Breaking Ranks Framework Training

Breaking Ranks Framework Training

All of NASSP's Breaking Ranks Framework training is designed around content from Breaking Ranks: The Comprehensive Framework for School Improvement.

The training provides school leaders with tools and strategies to address and deal with the unique challenges of leadership at all grade levels—elementary, middle level and high school. Participants experience an interactive format with small- and large-group discussions, problem-solving assignments, and analysis and reflections necessary for meaningful comprehension and learning.

Whether you attend a two-day training at NASSP's office in Reston, Va., or you bring the training to your school, each session explores four critical areas of school improvement:

Why does your school need to improve?

Participants examine the relationship between school culture and school improvement, and look at how well their school serves each student it is responsible for educating.

What needs to improve?

Built upon Breaking Ranks II and Breaking Ranks in the Middle, the training provides participants with strategies to implement:

  • Collaborative Leadership by increasing the school’s leadership capacity; creating organizational structures that facilitate collaboration; and incorporating staff, student, parent and community voice into the improvement process.
  • A Personalized School Environment where students have a sense of belonging at the school, have ownership in the learning process, and have support and equal access to all coursework and programs.
  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment that identifies essential learnings aligned across grade levels and schools; that is challenging, engaging, and relevant; that uses balanced and varied assessments to inform instruction.

How do we improve our schools?

The training will incorporate a change process that is based on a shared vision, promoted by collaborative leadership, and supported by professional development. This well-defined process is taken from Breaking Ranks: A Field Guide for Leading Change and is designed to help school leaders implement the recommendations of the Breaking Ranks Framework.

Who? Do you and your leadership team have what it takes to create a culture for school improvement?

Principals and other school leaders must look within themselves to ensure that they have the necessary skills, attitudes, and mind-sets to lead improvement. Here participants address 10 leadership skills that have been identified through more than 30 years of research in leadership development and work with school principals. These skills make up the core of 10 Skills for Successful School Leadership

In addition to training materials, participants will receive copies of Breaking Ranks: The Comprehensive Framework for School Improvement, Breaking Ranks: A Field Guide for Leading Change, and 10 Skills for Successful School Leadership.

For more information, please contact Anne Knudsen at 1-800-253-7746, ext. 330, or knudsena@nassp.org.


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